Patients reviews

Dr. Hudson was wonderful - she exhibited good knowledge of her profession and like her assistant and the others working in the office made all patients feel comfortable being there by treating us like people & not just a job. Look forward to my next visit!!

Susan F.

Excellent care,very professional attention to detail, I am very pleased with the results of my cataract surgery.

Ed L.

Professional and sensitive to the customer's needs

Phil S.

MHEI provided prompt service to my eye problem within a few hours of contact. Dr. Hudson and staff were so professional and courteous. Diagnosis was thorough and spot on.

Westly P.

Dr. Esser, I am Terri (Your patient'w wife) for Phil Von Ehrenkrook. I would like to say thank you to Christine/Christina - she straightend out the order that went out to the wrong Eagle Pharmacy. The first assistant did not understand what I was talking about - Mail order - Christine came along and completely understood and completely took care of staightening out the order for Phil's Zioptan eye drops. Please tell her thank you very much! We so appreciate it!

Terri (for Your Patient Phil) V.

Looking to schedule a LASIK consultation.

Alexander D.

Thank you Colin and Dr. Hudson for your expert care today. I very much appreciated you being able to see me today without an appointment. Have a wonderful evening! Patty Holmes

Patty H.

I haven't heard from you but I'm sure I'll be eager to meet you

Rudy F.

Gosh how do you Shout to the community what a great JOB! From start to finish, from the staff to Dr. Vest every step of the way was spot on. If you are looking for what i feel is the best in Denver look no further. My vision is 20/20 and could not be happier.

Danny K.

Very attentive and thorough exam given by Dr Reyes.

Marilyn E.

Easey -Pezey 123 Great Work Very professional.I will highly recommend his services .To all. I though I saw color before but now its like the wizard of OZ.

Thomas A.

Quick, easy, painless procedure

Kathy H.

I am so pleased and happy with Dr. Richheimer and his people, after many years of blurry vision, I can finally see again. His recommendations, as well as his positive attitude and professional demeanor made me feel confident and relaxed, and it all went as he predicted. The staff at Mile high were very professional and supportive, I cannot say enough about the whole experience except that I am so delighted. I highly recommend these very good people.

Alan R.

Dr. Richheimer and his entire staff were phenomenal. From my initial consultation to the actual LASIK surgery, every step of the process was top notch and professional. I couldn't be more pleased with the experience and my results!

Ryan B.

Good and careful treatment.

Eldridge G.

Dr. Richheimer was wonderfull. The staff that came in the room with him were pleasant. Rate is 5

Rose K.

Dr Richheimer is kind, patient and thorough and I highly recommend him. The only part of my visit that was unpleasant was having to have my eyes examined after they were dilated, twice with a very bright light; once by the optometrist and again by the ophthalmologist. It's a very uncomfortable exam and having it done twice in a span of less than ten minutes seems unnecessary.

Jamie D.

New patient need appointment

Lacretrica H.

Dr Richheimer calls me his "poster patient" and he is certainly a poster doctor. He is very quick to understand, and problem solve issues that I have brought to him. The staff is very efficient and personable. I appreciate having excellent medical care - even though I have moved out of state I return to this office.

Jan K.

I would recommend MHEI to anyone. All staff, including surgery center personnel were personable, professional and highly knowledgeable. I was well prepared for my cataract procedure and three weeks later am elated with the results. I haven’t seen this well since having LASIK 20 years ago. Dr. Richheimer, definitely improved my quality of life!

Richard W.

The whole experience from my initial appointment to surgery was great! Everything from explaining my options, potential complications to what genre of music I want to be played for me during my surgery made for a very comfortable experience! Everyone was pleasant and very knowledgeable.

Jared L.

it was awesome. I see!!

Cheryl B.

I was from out of town and lost sight in my right eye. My regular eye doctor advised me to go to the ER in case of a stroke. The ER doctor in conjunction with Dr. Vest did not feel that was happening and scheduled an appointment with Dr. Vest for the next morning. He thoroughly examined me and his thoughts about the cause were agreed to by my own doctor on a follow up appointment when I arrived back home.

Paul J.

Two weeks since my appointment. I was supposed to be contacted to schedule cataract surgery. Two weeks later, still no call. I realize that recent events have had an effect on services. However after two weeks without any contact, despite me contacting MHEI. I guess i was overlooked or something. Looking elsewhere as my vision is rapidly deteriorating and I cannot wait for MHEI to get it together. Poor communication is a definite red flag when it comes to health care. At this point I cannot recommend MHEI for eye care.

Donald M.

First day in new building and the staff was organized and so helpful and friendly. Dr. Richheimer was thorough with the eye exam and I was very pleased with the explanation of the results of tests. He has a welcoming personality and I highly recommend his practice.

Linda W.

Everyone was kind, respectful, professional, knowledgeable and caring.

Louise T.

The staff and Dr. Richheimer were very thorough and answered all my questions. I am a former RK patient who has uncorrectable astigmatism and continual regressing vision due to the RK. I chose Dr. Richheimer because of his experience as I felt I was a difficult case. I believe I received the best of care and obtained the best results despite my compromised cornea.

Carolyn L.

Very informative and pleasant

Keith P.

Everyone was so professional, efficient and friendly. Enjoyed meeting Dr. Richheimer and I’m looking forward to my cataract surgery.

Kathryn P.


Donald M.

Very thorough, thoughtful, and I felt well cared for, and that I received expert advice regarding my cataract surgery and my options.

Patricia H.

It was very good. Everyone was so nice and professional.

Ruth M.

Everything was on time and we'll processed going from station to station. The staff was knowledgeable, informed and courteos in their explanations of procedures and costs. Everything was as expected!

Paul T.


Bernard Anthony M.

Great doctor and staff!

Frank S.

Doctor R. is always very professional and caring .

Bernard Anthony M.

My recent appt with Dr. Richheimer was a one-year follow-up after very successful cataract surgery and implanting multi-focal lenses that corrected astigmatism and improved my distant sight, sight at night as well as sight for reading and working on the computer. No glasses! As a professional artist, seeing color correctly was critical, so the clarity I now see is remarkable. No more yellowing of color that I did not realize was happening. My follow-up appt included several tests to assure proper healing and evaluate vision improvement after the surgery. 100% Positive outcomes! We also discussed diet and vitamins to maintain eye health. I’ve had tests here I never had through my annual eye check-ups with other doctors. I experienced incredible expertise, state of the art technology and superb customer care with down-to-earth, friendly staff. Absolutely first class from initial evaluation through surgery to follow-up care. I had such confidence in my experience with Dr. Richheimer, my husband and I will now see one of his recommended Dr’s for my annual eye exams after losing several doctors in Tucson.


Short wait. Staff was excellent. Quite professional. Olivia was thorough and took time to answer questions while also administering the eye tests. Dr. Richheimer took the time to explain everything and was very understanding of my fears. Shay was thorough in her instructions for upcoming surgeries. I look forward to a great outcome!

Jacqueline D.

The doctor and the staff are very well prepared. No one likes having surgery, but the people here make you feel comfortable and more at ease. They are very respectful and kind.

Patricia M.

Very accommodating and professional office.

Ronald G.

The staff and doctors were efficient, friendly and readily answered or clarified any questions I had during my initial appointment to determine my need for cataract surgery.

Judith S.

So far, so good.

George H.

Very professional.

Tait S.

Dr. Richheimer and his staff are very considerate and understanding. The surgery worked out fantastic. There was never any pain or physical discomfort. Sight is better than it has been in years.

Michael T.


Shirley M.

Both Dr. & Staff performed in professional fashion. All of my questions were answered & I appreciated that my blood pressure problem did not cause the Staff to be annoyex.

Shirley M.

Waited 45 minutes to go back to a room and have a 12 minute appointment. I’m thankful to have good news. But almost walked out before my name was called. Don’t think I’ll wait that long next time

Jill M.


Jean N.

Dr Richheimer was very thorough and gave a very detailed evaluation as well as reviewing all of my options available to me

Suzanne N.

Very easy procedure (YAN laser). Total appointment was less than 1 hr. Very professional office

Andrew P.

Initial appointment when very smoothly and more quickly than I had expected. Other than the fact that Dr. Richheimer, while wearing a mask, looks to be about 17, he has a very caring, competent, knowledgable and experienced manner. All my questions were answered. I have no reservations about using him as my surgeon.

Adrienne K.

I was welcomed and felt comfortable with the testing situation. The doctor answered my questions and was very informative. I am excited for this surgery .

Laura M.

Staff, assistants, Dr. assistant and Dr. Richheimer were very professional and pleasant.

Albert A.

Great support staff. Liked surgeon talking me through the process

John F.

Very good experience, answered all questions.

Charles K.

I was very pleased with the service I received. Dr. Richheimer was very professional. I felt I was in good hands and he made me very comfortable during the procedure. I had complete confidence and was not nervous at all during the surgery. I was so calm that I didn't need any Valium that they offered during the surgery. Congratulations to Dr. Richheimer for a job well done.

Leonard H.

Everyone was very professional and friendly. The whole "operation" was very well organized. I was thoroughly impressed with Dr. Richheimer, Nurse Julie, and Nurse Sloan.

Joyce M.

Everyone at the surgery center was caring, friendly, and extremely efficient, Dr Richheimer came to speak with me before the surgery. The surgery was quick and after it was done the doctor and the nurses assured me that I would be so happy with the results. One eye down and one to go!

Ellen S.

Very professional team! Simple as that.

Jeffrey S.

Waited approx 45 min to go back to room . This was the second time an afternoon appointment has required a very long wait time . Then I also waited quite awhile to see my eye specialist doctor but instead did not see my doctor but an Optometrist. All staff involved were very pleasant indeed . No But when I make appointment with Dr Vest , I want to see him and not someone else assisting him . This is two appointments in a row where I saw the Optometrist and not my doctor . Very disappointed .

Kathryn R.

As usual, appointment was on time. As usual, Dr. Vest took the time to have a discussion, asking for questions without looking at his watch or standing at the door attempting to exit at the quickest possible moment. I appreciate his knowledge and his interest in my personal case which I believe is his norm. I'm sure he treats all of his clients with the same professionalism. Thanks Doc!

Frederick M.

Very pleased. Everyone was pleasant and helpful despite my hearing loss which often caused them to have to repeat themselves. Everything was explained clearly and all my questions were answered. Would definitely recommend Mile High Eye Institute to others.

John W.

Wanted get my eyes fixed and I appreciated it

Susan C.

Thorough and positive examination, explanation of choices and results of various lenses. Sense of humor and encouragement. Personal.

Mary J.

Dr. Vest is very very good.

Nancy H.

I arrived as scheduled and the staff was prepared with all my paperwork. Sometimes it can be a little dicey on your first visit, this was not the case at Dr. Vest office and staff. I was then introduced to a technician who handled a couple of tests, again things went so smooth and timely. I then spent a brief time with Dr Hudson , again a brief test and some follow up technical discussions. After one more set of pictures I met with Dr. Vest. This sessions reviewed my background with glaucoma, my records from my other doctor and a recommended path forward. This was a very complete, informing and reassuring visit. I greatly appreciated the professionalism along with the technical discussions I received with the team at Mile High Eye Institute.

Paul M.

My experience was that everyone I dealt with was very professional & showed interest in my needs!

Richard B.

The entire experience was very pleasant and professional!

Martin G.

always good

Richard L.

Very professional

Richard A.

Thorough, took time to answer questions and gave clear explanation of glaucoma assessment, evaluation and treatment plan.

Sara H.

Entire team was efficient and knowledgeable. Excellent communications.

Carl K.

Everyone was very kind and explained my particular problem.

Geraldine B.

Hag YAG surgery...should have done it sooner!

Pamela V.


Frank B.

Frendly Knowledgeable

Richard P.

Generally, a very good experience. Very long morning, but it’s a busy place. I do feel staff has my best interests at heart. Thank you.

Cynthia N.

All staff were kind, efficient and clear about what they wanted me to do. Thanks to DR. Vest for his expertise and his kind bedside manner! Allegra Donaldson

Allegra D.

Very compadent assistance.

Daniel D.

Everthing explsained.

John N.

Extremely thorough, professional and skilled. All questions and concerns were handled very professionally to my complete satisfaction. Highly recommend Dr Richheimer and his staff. Staff at Harvard Surgery Center was also very professional, efficient and helpful.

Dennis T.

Very efficient, professional, polite!

Jan S.

I had a wonderful experience with Dr Richheimer. He is fully committed to his patients and thoroughly explains the procedure prior to the surgery. Easy to work with the staff at his office button also at the out patient center where the surgery is performed. I highly recommend this physician and staff.

Catherine M.

Long wait time but not a problem. I have confidence in Dr Richheimer.

James W.

Kind and friendly. Nice and explained everything to me.

Roberta M.

Positive results thanks

William K.


Khalid H.

Everyone is highly efficient, knowledgeable and extremely pleasant every time I visit.

Colleen G.

I really appreciated the care and attention I received while at your facility. Christina was exceptional! However the front desk was not very welcoming and I sat in the lobby for over an hour before being sent to the back office area. Overall my appointment took 3 hours which is a lot longer than I expected. Otherwise great!

Nancy S.

Exceptional doctor!

Charles S.

My surgery went vary smoothly, from check-in through post-op. All of the staff--front office, pre-op nurses, Dr. Richheimer, and post-op nurses--were efficient and pleasant. The nurses explained what would happen next, then asked what would help me. That lowered my stress a lot. The operation itself was very efficient. I will return for another surgery soon, and my concerns about it are much lower, having had such a good experience in the first round.

Holly H.

Outstanding experience!!!

Dennis R.

Dr. Vest is knowledgeable, caring and I feel he has my best interests at heart.

Sharon L.


Kristy B.

Very efficient. Explained things very clearly so that it was understood.

Ann G K.

Thorough examination, professional technicians, explained everything.

Harriet H.

Surgeries were much quicker than I expected. No pain!! And the nursing staff was great

Ruth U.

Staff was kind, efficient, knowledgeable. Dr. Richheimer gave me a better experience, by caring for both eyes; I won't have to return later. I appreciate his thoughtfulness.

Karen S.

It went much better than I expected as I am so squirrely about having my eyeball touched.

Kimberlee W.

Great experience!

Deborah A.

My experience was excellent, as usual. Thanks!

Eric S.


Akintola A.

Very satisfied

Geri S.

There was no experience. I don’t know why I am getting this.

Linda H.

My experience was overall positive. I felt they were knowledgeable, they explained everything before each step, and I felt comfortable. The only negative is that I waited 30 minutes before they brought me back to the procedure room.

Jennifer Z.

Friendly and professional

Janet F.

Thorough testing. Everything was explained clearly. Time was spent to answer all my questions. The doctor was very warm and friendly. If the surgeries go well....I will give him 10 stars.

Amy G.

Very pleasant and thorough.

Eldridge G.

The entire staff as well as the doc were all incredibly professional and personable. it's going to make it so much easier to trust this group with my eyesight!

Helen E.

Everyone we met was very friendly, polite and acted in a professional manner.

Arthur A.

Thorough and professional. Excellent experience.

Aly E.

Very nice and professional folks. They told me straight up what what was required to fix my vision.

Clifton A.

Great, Great!!!!¡!!

Dale R.

Very professional, friendly and efficient.

Don A.

I arrived early and they took me in early, which was a wonderful surprise. Dr. Vest and his staff explained everything very carefully and answered every question I had. I feel very confident about the care I am getting from Dr. Vest and his staff.

Catherine C.

Dr. Vest is extremely competent and is very engaged while analyzing all aspects of a medical diagnosis. I really appreciate him.

Joanna M.

All in all, my experience was GREAT ! As Johnny Nash once sang...."I can see clearly now ...."

Edward B.

Good service

Sadruddin P.

World class care. I highly recommend. One down and one to go.

Donald M.

Dr. Richheimer and all the nurses were very professional and kind.

Linda P.

Pleased with the staff. They were knowledgeable and kept people informed. Well pleased with Dr. Richheimer. Very professional with the surgery. I was amazed how quickly the procedure progressed. Felt fine when it was finished.

Annette S.

Everything was great except waiting for almost an hour to be seen. Thanks

Linda D.

Very caring and knowledgeable staff

Julie S.

Extremely professional. Dr Vest kept in constant communication with me while doing my surgery. I was nervous and he was calming and reassuring.

Janice L.

A very professional and well organized team completed the various tests and Dr. Vest provided his assessment and recommendations.

James N.


Tracey M.

Very pleasant

Joan G.

Examinations are thorough and when concluded I felt that any advice or recommendations given were in my best interest.

David S.

I always have a consistently great experience at MHEI - Dr Vest and the whole staff are all attentive, easy to discuss issues with, and I feel I get a solid level of care.

Richard S.

Dr. Vest and the entire staff at Mile high Eye Institute are the very best in every way. In addition to the finest medical care and total professionalism, everyone listens to your concerns and questions, takes all the time you need to explain things so you can easily understand, and are always willing to go the extra mile for whatever you need. With Dr. vest you are in the best of hands.

Anthony T.

Very professional office, friendly and helpful stall. Great doctor.

Wayne R.

Friendly staff and doctor.

Barbara L.

my first visit to the office. I was impressed with the facilities, equipment and the attention I received. Staff was so good to me. And Dr. Richheimer was fantastic as well.

John G.

Very educational and all were ready to answer my questions.

James W.

I’ve been a patient for about 3 years. Every experience has been top notch. Everything was was clearly explained and the amount of equipment, knowledgeable staff, and etiquette made me feel well taken care of.

David T.

Fantastic! Couldn't have had a better experience! I had some nerves but looking back, they were completely unwarranted. Dr. Richheimer handled everything efficiently and with care! 10/10!

Cameron Y.

Dr. Vest is the best! I am very thankful to have him for my glaucoma doctor. I know I can trust him to do everything possible to preserve my vision. The staff was kind and helpful as well, everything happened on time, questions were answered. This is an outstanding eye care office. Jean S.

Jean S.

Short wait in the waiting room then back for the tests for Dr. Vest. The tech knew what to do and quickly did the tests that Dr. Vest required. Dr. Vest is the best, most cordial doctor for glaucoma in the city. He is so well trained and so capable that I am privileged to be his patient.

Betty G.

Dr. Richheimer and his staff were amazing for my recent ICL surgery. I was able to get everything scheduled quickly and was treated with the utmost respect. I could not be happier with the results of my surgery, I now have 20/15 vision- it has been a miracle for my life. I have always struggled with severe nearsightedness and after this surgery my life has totally changed. I'm so grateful for the surgery and the positive experience here.

Megan W.

On time! Staff knowledgeable . Dr. Richheimer provider his opinion on my situation in a professional yet casual manner.

Janice M.

Dr. Richheimer is awesome, very professional, and compassionate. He listens to my concerns and never leaves me guessing or in the dark!


Very good!

Joy R.

The staff was friendly, on time and knowledgeable.

Frederick T.

We found Dr. Richheimer and his office to be friendly and efficient.

Bobby K.

Very good and thorough checkup.

Larry M.


Robert C.

Very good

John F.

Dr. Vest is great. He explains everything about your situation. He makes you feel comfortable and at ease. I would not trust my eyes to anyone else.

Pellegrino M.

Everyone I interacted with was extremely kind and took the time to explain anything I had questions about. I’m so happy THIS is where I was sent to go through a scary and difficult time. I’m looking forward to the procedure and actually seeing again. Thank you!

Marcia S.

Dr Vest explained eye surgery procedure clearly. Day of surgery; Easy to find location Friendly check in procedure Great pre-op nurse Anesthesiologist explained procedure clearly Post op nurse Kind

Chizuko M.

I had a great experience at Mile High Eye Institute. Dr Richheimer is a very personable, experienced, qualified and professional surgeon. Check in through all testing with a total of 6 staff members went exceptionally well! My experience with this practice rates an A+ all the way!

Karen A.

He explained what is my issue and recommended another specialist

James M.

In my view, the staff obviously like their jobs and the interaction with the patients is always friendly but professional. Overall, a great experience.

Isabelle F.

I was very nervous and everyone I came into contact with, including the doctor, went out of their way to put my mind at ease. They made the experience very comfortable. Thank you, Belva

Belva W.

A follow-up visit. Dr Richheimer and the techs and staff are fantastic!

Beth S.

Always pleasant and informative

Tami S.

Outstanding service by all staff during my visit. Highly recommend this office!

Harold A.

The surgery staff as well as Dr Richheimer were all professional, efficient and put me at ease. I felt I was in competent and caring hands throughout the whole procedure.

Carolyn L.


Donald B.

Everyone that I met with was very professional. I appreciated the information I received as I was being examined. I really like the the friendly approach I received from all of the staff. I just didn't expect to have my visit take as long as it did.

Ronald W.


Janice H.


Janice H.

Professional, friendly, efficient, clean, inspired confidence.

Lori M.

Friendly, professional, on time. Went through procedure with everything available. Pros & cons . Dr. gave eye contact at all times, which is a wonderful asset to me. I would highly recommend him and the Eye institute. With kindest regards, Cheryl Bukowski

Cheryl B.

Dr Richheimer did lasik on my eyes this morning to zap the film and blurriness from my eyes after cataract surgery in Feb. Hes the man of many eyes!!! thank u. I am confident it will work.

Sandra M.

Understanding, spends the time answering all questions. Customer service oriented staff.

Roger E.

The wait was a little long but thought it went very well Thanks Bill Stelt

William S.

Excellent. Knowledgeable and courteous staff too.

James M.

Whole experience was very well organized. Outcome was unbelievable!

Melinda Z.

Well cared for.

Dale B.

Very informative and reassuring

James T.

Very reassuring and informative

James T.

Very professional treatment,I felt everything was explained, all my concerns addressed. Only drawback was a 45 minute wait to begin the process

Cheryll S.

Excellent, quick, caring

Lorraine G.


Hal H.

Dr. Vest was great to work with going over the test results and what it will be like at surgery time. I was provided with a lot of information to read up on and I’m sure I’ll have additional questions during the appointment prior to the surgery

David B.

All staff were very professional and polite and took the time to answer questions and offer detailed explanations.

Peggy H.

Dr and MA were great. So convenient to be able to go to Edwards rather than Denver.

Gael F.

Pleasant, professional group of folks.

Mark S.

Personable, answered all questions, thorough exam

Mark G.

Everything was great once I was called back. I waited nearly an hour in lobby.

Gary L.

The Doctor and his staff were excellent and I felt comfortable during pre and post op.

Ronald G.

Dr. Vest was thorough in explaining my situation with me. Telling me the course of the disease & my options.

Scott M.

Thorough, friendly and comprehensive services!

James A.

Raul Z.

Very good

Montgomery W.

Happy with Dr. Vest care. Just waaaayy busy.

Katherine V.

Very professional, courteous and efficient.

Francis D.

Very kind and efficient.

Susan J.

Dr Zachary Vest did an amazing job on my surgery for my right eye. In two weeks I have my left eye scheduled. Hopefully, my left eye goes as well. I can see 20/20 out of my right eye. Way to go Dr.Zach!

Anne S.

The cataract removal procedure was not painful, went quickly and the nursing care was excellent. It is scary to come out of the surgery and have such poor blurry, yellowed vision. It remained very poor the rest of the day/ night, but has improved somewhat now the next morning. I understand that it takes some time to heal and am certainly looking forward to the continued improvement.

Jeffrey A.

Everyone at Mile High Institute was efficient, knowledgeable, professional and courteous. I could not have chosen a better eye institute or doctor to intrust the care of my eyes to when I chose Doctor William Richheimer and his team. A special shout out to Kyle for his care and expertise.

Colleen G.

Excellent experience

Barbara S.

as usual the best service you'd expect from a FIRST RATE organization, DR. VEST is awesome .

Francis P.

I’ve been totally satisfied with the care from Dr Vest. I credit him with saving my vision. I’m not satisfied with care from the optometrist Dr Graber. I don’t trust her knowledge

Steven W.

I was taken quickly through a series of eye diagnostic stations by a professional young lady, examined given eye drops, dialated and presented to the Dr. The dr told me what to expect in a direct professional and succinct manner. He the asked me if I had any questions which I did not. His thoroughness and direct manner left me without questions. I liked him.

Clark E.

Excellent all the way around!

Sofie O.

Very nice and professional staff

Liz M.

Had cataract surgery on my left eye and it has healed and is working really well. Vision in the new lens is brighter and clearer than the eye that was not done so will need to do the other eye sometime.

Carl A.


Nikolas A.


Janet S.

Efficient and professional

Richard L.

Quick, painless, pleasant and efficient staff.

Ruth Y.

They were very kind and will fix my eyes, I trust them.

Kay H.

Great service by all. Thanks Dr R and staff.

Scott R.

Very professional. No pain involved and everyone was very good. The procedure took a very short time to complete. The recovery was quick and I'm happy I had it done.

Robert P.

Very proffessional and efficient, pleasant and friendly staff.

William P.

Waiting periods were much better than previous appointment which took almost 2 1/2 hours. Much appreciated!!

Merle S.

Dr. Vest was very thorough in answering my medical and treatment questions.

Stuart L.

Everything about my visit was professional and pleasant. I appreciate that they respect their patients’ time and are very organized.

Elizabeth R.

Very friendly and helpful and fast

John P.

As always, Dr. Vest and his entire staff were generous, concerned, efficient, empathetic and organized! I'm confident that I'm in good hands!

Janet O.

Got my eyes zapped and we will see.

Richard E.

Staff n doctors were very professional n kind. Very Very thorough with the exams. Felt my care was one of the best.

Marisol L.

very friendly and easy to talk to.

Cheryl B.

Very professional, kind and comfortable

Janet F.

A pleasant experience.

Richard M.

Dr. Richheimer was very nice, he made me feel comfortable and I have less anxiety now about having the surgery. He is very thoughtful and covered everything to my satisfaction.

Patricia M.

As expected, efficient and friendly staff. All questions answered and concerns addressed.

Elizabeth F.

Pleased with professional and friendly care I received on my visit.

Don A.

The doctors and attendants were all very nice and professional. I did feel that the office was way over crowded with patients and I did wait in my room for close to a half hour before the doctor finally came.

Sandra C.

Dr. Vest explained the results of my test and what future treatment may be required.

Janet H.

Met Dr. Vest for the first time. He was just P.B. described him. Thanks.

Curtis E.

Dr Vest takes time to answer all questions during the visit! Friendliness of the staff too !

Linda H.

Dr Vest talked me through the whole procedure which was informative and comforting. I don’t have a long history with him but my surgery experience today was about a good as it could be.

Timothy H.

Most impressed with highly professional staff with cheerful attitude.

Joyce M.

Three only reason I'm not inclined to give 5 stars is that I didn't get to meet Dr Richheimer before the surgery. My procedure was about 6 hours ago and my vision is great. Also, it would have been nice to be introduced to all of the people in the room at the time of the surgery.

Mindy M.

Successful surgery!!! Nice to have meet him and appreciate his work!

Ida A.

It was great from beginning to end

Scott G.

Friendly, efficient, courteous, great service!!

David T.

Fast procedure! Great staff and thanks For everything!!

Kathy G.

I really appreciate Dr. Vest. He actually listens and explains things. I've had other doctors dismiss issues, Dr. Vest does NOT do that.

Cynthia M.

Treat me good .nice people good and professional i will recommended

Jose A.

From start to finish, Dr. Richheimer and everyone associated with him have been friendly, informative, thorough and extremely competent. I have no qualms about returning for my second surgery next week.

Susan M.

Thoroughly satisfying! Always discharged with a plan. Caring staff. Welcoming setting.

Stephen T.

Dr Vest is absolutely the best. If you have glaucoma issues, Dr Vest is where you should book an appt. I have many other health issues, but Dr Vest has helped me save my sight!! He is very kind, very smart and always makes me feel so confident. His office is well worth the drive!!

Vickie R.

Dr. Vest is a miracle worker. Wonderful, professional staff.

Amanda V.

Everyone is friendly and helpful.

Terry C.

Karen in pre-op was fabulous

Laurence H.

Kind, courteous, knowledgeable staff and doctors. Very helpful.

Phyllis R.

I had issues with scheduling because of COVID and upcoming shoulder surgery. Your staff was amazing. I am sorry that I forgot name of your staff member that worked so hard to make it happen. Dr. Vest is wonderful. Thank you all so much

Linda B.

Very satisfied with Dr. Vest and the staff.

Pedro T.

Everything went great, the entire team were helpful, happy and fun to be around.

Terrance P S.

Very efficient staff and great doctor.

Jolee V.

Excellent service - in & out in no time - very efficient. Thanks

Mari G.

Professional, knowledgeable, and courteous staff. I felt I was getting very competent and comprehensive exams and treatment. I was very comfortable with Dr. Richheimer exemplary skills and leadership all through my first cataract prep and surgery.

Glen P.

Great Experience, Doctor was great!

Jose R.