Visian ICLâ„¢ Implantable Contact Lens

What is Visian ICL™?

When it comes to corrective eye procedures, you have options. Mile High Eye Institute offers a variety of vision correction procedures that can help you gain independence from glasses. 

Visian ICL, also known as the Implantable Collamer® Lens, is a premium option for refractive surgery. The non-laser procedure helps correct the most common visual problem, myopia. 

The ICL procedure is becoming a standard treatment for patients as a choice alongside LASIK and other refractive procedures.

See the world without the hassle of glasses and contact lenses.


Visian ICL™ Procedure – What to Expect


  • We’ll perform a pre-op eye exam that includes a series of tests to measure your eye’s unique characteristics. 
  • Two to three weeks before your procedure, your doctor will apply numbing drops and create two tiny openings in your iris to make sure there is a proper fluid flow after the ICL is implanted.


  • When you arrive for your procedure, your doctor will administer eye drops to dilate your pupils and anesthetize your eyes. 
  • To prepare for implantation, your doctor will create a small opening at the base of your cornea to insert the Visian lens. Numbing medication makes the procedure painless. 
  • The Visian ICL lens is then folded and inserted through the small incision. Once the lens is inserted, we’ll make any necessary adjustments needed to ensure proper positioning in the eye.


Once the procedure is over, many patients experience immediate vision improvement and are able to quickly return to their normal daily activities. We’ll prescribe more eye drops to help clean your eyes and prevent infection as your eyes heal. Make sure someone is available to drive you home afterward. 

Over the next 48 hours, your eyes will continue to improve as they heal from the procedure. Avoid rubbing your eyes for three to five days. We’ll schedule a follow-up exam and let you know when you can drive again.


Who Is A Good ICL Candidate?

Those who are poor LASIK or PRK candidates may be ideal candidates for the implantable contact lens.

Visian ICL Candidates

  • Are between 21 and 45 years old.
  • Are nearsighted with mild to severe myopia (-3D to -20D).
  • Haven’t had a change in prescription of more than .5D in a year.
  • Are looking for a procedure that doesn’t create dry eye syndrome.
  • Have astigmatism.



Benefits of Vision ICL™

The Mile High Eye Institute proudly offers Visian ICL as an option for those considering vision correction. Here are some of the advantages of the ICL procedure.

Corneal Tissue Stays Intact In LASIK, the corneal tissue is removed resulting in a permanent effect. The Visian ICL implantable contact can be completely removed and changes to the shape of the cornea are minimal or non-existent.

No Dry-Eye Syndrome The biocompatible implant maintains natural eye chemistry, so it won’t induce dry-eye syndrome. The additive vision correction works in harmony with your natural eye.

Removable Option The Visian Implantable Collamer Lens implant is completely removable, allowing you to keep up with changing vision needs. 

Quick Procedure, Quick Results Following a 20-30 minute (or less), you may see immediate improved vision. 

Protection From UV Rays The Visian ICL Collamer material has unique properties that provide UV protection.

Treats a Wide Range of Prescriptions Patients with high prescriptions and thin corneas don’t meet the requirements for LASIK. Visian ICL is a safe and effective corrective option.

Excellent Night Vision Many patients have improved night vision following Visian ICL.


What Other Patients are Saying about Visian ICL™

Dr. Richheimer has performed the ICL procedure for active professional athletes and working professionals. Other physicians have also entrusted Dr. Richheimer in their care. 



Is Visian ICL™ Right for You?

Your options for vision correction aren’t as limited as they used to be. Find out if you’re a good candidate for the Visian Implantable Collamer® Lens. 

If you’re considering Visian ICL

please call 303-482-1300 for a consultation.

Important Safety Information for Visian ICL: Before considering Visian ICL surgery you should have a complete eye examination and talk with your eye care professional about Visian ICL surgery, especially the potential benefits, risks, and complications. You should discuss the time needed for healing after surgery.

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