Cataracts happen when the natural lens of the eye becomes discolored, hazy, or somewhat opaque.

As seen in the schematic below, the lens is hidden behind the pupil. As such, cataracts most often cannot be seen from the outside without the help of a special microscope. But as a cataract grows, it can cause progressive visual deterioration.


Please click on the video below for an informative discussion about cataracts.

At Mile High Eye Institute, P.C., we offer the most advanced techniques for cataract surgery. Surgery typically lasts less than 10 minutes, and is usually pain free. We offer as much ‘relaxing medicine’ as you need at the time of surgery, so that anxiety should be minimal or non-existent.

To find out more about the cataract procedure, please click on the video below.

Dr. Richheimer has performed cataract surgery for fellow doctors (including eye doctors), friends, and family. He has successfully performed cataract surgery on some of the most complicated and difficult cases. Dr. Richheimer understands that your personal best outcome sometimes means having minimal reliance on glasses for clear vision.

Our goal at MHEI is simple. We want you to have the best outcome and the best experience possible. We’ll discuss all the risks, benefits, and choices involved in cataract surgery, so that you can have your personal best outcome.

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